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USCAP Foundation G20 Campaign


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What has the USCAP Annual Meeting meant to your career or your patients? Your gift to the USCAP Foundation's Group of 20 (G20) Campaign will make it possible for 20 pathologists, from literally across the globe, to experience the USCAP's Annual Meeting in Boston.


As we all know, attending the USCAP Annual Meeting means learning scalpel edge practices, networking with colleagues, exploring new opportunities, and perhaps even meeting a life-long mentor. However, many pathologists do not have the opportunity to experience the Annual Meeting due to economic limitations and access. The USCAP G20 Campaign can bring some relief and recognition to their tireless work as well as strengthen the entire field through global information sharing. The USCAP Foundation has received over 100 applications for travel awards including deserving pathologists from Nigeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Columbia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and many more.


Your gift to the USCAP Foundation's G20 goes directly to fund the economy coach fare air travel to and from the meeting location, four nights lodging at a conference hotel, and general meeting registration not to exceed a maximum award of $2,500. There is no better time of year to share the remarkable strength of USCAP with colleagues and patients globally.


Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the USCAP Foundation will be able to bring 20 pathologists from 20 underserved countries to the 2015 Annual Meeting. Due to the overwhelming response we have received, we will be extending our goal for the G20 Campaign to bring 10 more pathologists to the 2015 Annual Meeting.


A gift to the G20 Campaign not only provides the power of pathology to doctors, their medical communities and their patients, but strengthens the entire field of pathology globally.


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