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Practice Changers


Practice Changers

2016 USCAP Annual Meeting


     Click here to download the Proposal Guidelines and Form


We invite you to present your practice innovations at the 2016 Annual Meeting in the dynamic and interactive practice changers format.


Practice changers are succinct presentations designed to spark attendees’ interest about new techniques, hot trends, and helpful hints related to the practice of anatomic or molecular pathology. Each session is designed to improve how pathologists practice. With the Annual Meeting as your backdrop, there is no better way to introduce your new and innovative system, process, or idea!


Practice changers sessions will be limited to up to 24 presentation times (four sessions will be given during each morning and afternoon coffee break on Monday through Wednesday). The sessions will be held in “pods” located near the Annual Meeting’s exhibit hall and are eligible for CME credit.


Time is limited (as is space) so we encourage you to review the practice changers proposal submission guidelines by clicking here.


Additional questions about your practice changers presentation should be addressed to Denice Chinn at:



Proposal Deadlines: 


October 21, 2015: All proposals should be delivered to the Education Department ( via e-mail. 

December 1, 2015: Final decisions for inclusion in the 2016 Annual Meeting will be rendered by this date. 


Presentation Dates: 


Up to 24 practice changers sessions will be available over a three-day period, eight each day. Each session will be held in the exhibit hall. Four practice changers sessions will be given during the morning coffee break and four during the afternoon coffee break. The sessions will be Monday through Wednesday (March 14 – 16, 2016).


Click here to download the Proposal Guidelines and Form