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How to Designate Your Funds


Foundation Funds


As an extension of the USCAP mission, charitable contributions may be designated to one of the five existing Foundation Funds and will be used as needs arise in these areas. Unrestricted gifts to the Sustaining the Academy fund have unlimited impact, as they address the fluctuating needs of the Academy and its work.


  • Academy Endowment Fund – provides a legacy of support. Gifts to this fund allow the USCAP Council to designate and support annual benefit areas of need.


  • Fred G. Silva Fund – honors Dr. Fred G. Silva, and provides unrestricted funds to the Academy.




  • Pathology Forward Fund – promotes the field of pathology as a viable and competitive specialty for medical students and provides support for the participation and growth of pathologists in training.



  • Named Endowment Fund – may be designated for any Academy Program that the Member wishes to support, subject to approval of the USCAP council. The minimum amount required to establish a Named Endowment Fund is $25,000.  Contact the Foundation for more information.


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