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Our members provide insight and direction to the USCAP through their voluntary committee work. There are a variety of ways to participate on the following USCAP committees:



Executive Committee: Acts for the Board of Directors in the interim between regular and special meetings of the Board, except that it does not have the authority to amend bylaws or fill office vacancies.


Board of Directors: Formulates all policies governing the affairs of the Academy including the conduct of its business and disbursement of funds. 



(All other committees serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.)



Education Committee: Selects, composes, supervises, audits, and evaluates all scientific and educational programs under the auspices of the Academy.


Education subcommittees include: 


Abstract Review Subcommittee: Oversees the review, selection, and placement of poster or platform sessions at the Annual Meeting.


CME Subcommittee: Surveys, assesses, monitors, and evaluates all CME activities of the Academy to ensure full compliance with ACCME guidelines.


Education Informatics Subcommittee: Oversees, implements, manages, and assesses a portfolio of Internet-based educational offerings.


Subcommittee for Unique Live Course Offerings: Critically evaluates new proposals and currently existing Academy live educational offerings and makes recommendations to the Education Committee regarding these programs.



Finance Committee: Reviews and advises Council regarding all budgets, audits, financial statements, major expenditures and investment policies of the Academy.


Membership Committee: Develops strategic plans for building and maintaining dues paying members for the Academy.


The Resident Advisory Subcommittee: retains house staff members so that they become regular members of the Academy when eligible by establishing a pattern of house staff involvement in Academy processes and decisions.


Nominating Committee: Nominates appropriate candidates for membership and leadership positions on Academy committees including the positions of President-Elect and Vice President.


Publications Committee: Advises Council regarding the quality, editorial policies, marketing strategies, and editorial board personnel for the Academy’s publications.


Awards Committees: Are charged with following published protocols in order to select appropriate winners.




Course Directors