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2017 Special Course Proposals

Instructions for Submitting a Special Course Proposal for Presentation at the
2017 USCAP Annual Meeting 


  1. Please fill out the Special Course Proposal Form available by clicking here. Insert the requested information regarding your proposal and answer all questions. Click here to see a list of currently scheduled special courses.
  2. Each speaker must fill out a separate Relevant Education and Teaching Experience Form for each of the faculty involved. Only this form will be forwarded to the Education committee for review. Please do not send your entire CV – it will not be forwarded to the reviewers.
  3. Forward these documents as attachments via e-mail to the Education Department, at All applications must be submitted electronically. Please submit only one proposal per email, and request a response. Krista Cairns, Educational Program Coordinator, will send an email confirming receipt. Proposals printed on paper and submitted by mail will not be accepted for review.
  4. All proposals will be forwarded to the special course coordinator for review and presentation to the entire Education Committee at the 2015 Interim Meeting on October 31, 2015. You will be notified regarding the committee’s decision promptly thereafter. Accepted courses are three hours in length and are generally presented for three years, with review by the Education Committee during the first presentation.
  5. Proposals must be received no later than Thursday, October 1, 2015 for consideration for presentation at the 2017 Annual Meeting.


Download Forms


     Special Course Proposal Form

     Relevant Education and Teaching Experience Form

     List of Currently Scheduled Special Courses